AFPI Karnataka Newsletter

Issue: Volume 4, Issue 1

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Akshay S Dinesh (Primary Care Physician)

It is an honour that I accept with humility to be the editor of AFPI Karnataka newsletter. It will indeed be a difficult task to fill the shoes of Dr BC Rao who brought up this newsletter to what it is now.

With inputs from various readers and advisors, the editorial team has crystallized the mission of the newsletter into words as follows:

"a semi-formal space where family physicians, general practitioners, and others interested in the field of primary health care can creatively share their experiences and express their opinions of what family medicine and primary health care should be, including their case reports, research papers, management, leadership, and relationship issues, administrative and entrepreneurial decisions, community work, and other articles about changing trends, thereby creating a community of learners and practitioners who inspire each other through their work and enhance and update their knowledge"

In the light of the above mission, the first task we embarked on is making the newsletter online-first so that a larger number of people will be able to find and read the newsletter. In fact, you will be reading this issue online. With that accomplished, from the next issue onwards we will strive to have many more articles and much more features that make readership and authorship easier.

The year that went by ended with the country facing tumultous times and hospitals and doctors being pushed to take a stand as neutral and peaceful venues. Let us hope that the new year will bring peace and prosperity. Wishing every reader success in sticking to their resolutions.