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Issue: Volume 4, Issue 1

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A journey towards health for all - a travel fellowship in primary health care

Tribal Health Initiative (A registered trust from Sittilingi valley, Dharmapuri)

Editor's Note: This is a promotional message that is republished here in public interest.

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” ― Marcel Proust

If you wanted to see a tiger; would you rather go to the zoo or do you want to venture into the jungle? If you would like to see it in the jungle rather than in a cage in the zoo - far removed from reality , then read on.

While medical education in its entirety has shifted its focus towards urban tertiary health care, we know it is far from the reality of 'Health' in our country. Doctors often come out of medical colleges lost and disillusioned about the profession and the impact it has on our country.

With the guidance and mentorship of doctors working at the primary and secondary level, who decided to take the leap and address health in all its raw reality, this travel fellowship lets young doctors experience the path less traveled. It aims at making community-aware health care professionals by providing opportunities to experiment, innovate, become entrepreneurs and make a change in the present health scenario.

The primary intention is to provide a space to explore different dimensions of health care, through opportunities to visit, work at and interact with multiple models and people in the field of primary and secondary care.

The fellowship also provides an excellent platform to learn not just from the handful of organizations in which the traveler gets to work with, but also from the rich experiences of the fellow travelers.

At the end of the year long fellowship, one might cherish the experience of the path less traveled, might make one's own path, might have had a memorable one year of seeing India with new eyes or might have find oneself. To all of which we will say- job well done!

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