AFPI Karnataka Newsletter

Issue: Volume 4, Issue 3

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Akshay S Dinesh (Primary Care Physician)

The year that went by has been one of learning and growth for everyone, including us. As the strengths and weaknesses of our health systems have become more obvious to everyone, there are attempts at all levels to do more for better health of everyone.

Family physicians at all levels have been actively engaging with the public on various related topics. It is our pleasure to serve as a platform for amplifying their voices.

Online First

Going forward, in 2021, we will be following an online first model where every article gets published on the web as soon as they're accepted. We believe this will allow authors to quickly make an impact on issues that matter to them.

Additionally, starting with this issue, we are including multimedia content from AFPI members directly in the newsletter. As the world has become increasingly digital, this emphasis on digital content will help keep us competent with the content creation and consumption patterns of 2020s.


As vaccines for COVID-19 become available in 2021, there will be concerns related to safety and access. As advocates of our patients we should stand together with them and give them the right information to avoid another misinfodemic. We should also study all information related to these vaccines critically and ensure that the pharmaceutical companies have not let scientific integrity down in a rush to create vaccines. We hope that you contribute to the next issue of the newsletter articles, videos, and similar useful content towards this purpose.