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Issue: Volume 4, Issue 3

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Practice Experience

Supervised Smoking

Dr Swapna Bhaskar (President - AFPI Karnataka; HOD - Family medicine, St. Philomena's Hospital)

A 37 year old gentleman with no comorbidities came for asthenia, dyspnoea on exertion and chest heaviness since a few days. He is an athlete and can climb 10-12 flights of stairs without any discomfort, but is unable to do even 2 floors now.

He was tested positive for SARS covid 2 infection in August and repeat RT-PCR was negative.

On personal history – he says he has been smoking SOMETIMES since 8-9 years. “And how many per day?!” was my immediate query.

Smokes for one year and complete abstinence for the next year

Starts with 2-3 per day and keeps increasing slowly to one pack per day.

Takes a glass of orange or musambi juice which protects the lungs from the damage of smoking!

And stops after one year to cleanse his lung!

His next due date to start is Feb. 9 th 2021, currently is abstinence year.

Has no addiction to smoking according to him, but cannot leave the habit because he LIKES it so much and has a lot of work related stress.

Now how did he come to the above smoking REGIMEN which can save from any damage related to smoking??

The prompt response – “I have discussed and taken advice from a SENIOR SMOKIST who has been smoking for more than 20 years now without any problems to his lungs! I am under his supervision.